Liberated Words at MIX Conference 2012

Liberated Words 2012 at MIX Conference



What is the Big Society? Are you part of it? This film is an attempt at clarifying the term. Peta Lloyd’s work is influenced by news, current events and life’s big issues. She aims to question and re-work given media angles in a struggle for understanding. Peta works with text and performance and is currently finishing an MA in Contemporary Art at Oxford Brookes University.



Philip Hartigan is a British multimedia artist now living in Chicago. This work is part of an ongoing series of stop-motion animations paired with short written moments of personal narrative, mainly relating to the death of his father. Philip is interested in putting together pieces as a counterpoint to each other, rather than as illustration. His prints, short films and illustrations have been exhibited in solo and group shows in both the USA and the UK.



Film-maker Keith Sargent.
This film is inspired by a poem from Love is a Dog from Hell by Charles Bukowski, first published in 1977. Keith Sargent has worked as a film-maker and graphic designer since graduating from the RCA. He is a director of multi-disciplinary design company immprint ltd. Keith has produced over twenty books with artists, designers and photographers. Publications include: D&AD Annual 2010, Human Camera, Tailsliding, Fashion Forever. His films have been commissioned by Sony Ericsson, LG, Vodaphone, MTV and D&AD.









‘Is that All There Is’ utilizes slightly accelerated motion combined with innocent childlike singing in opposition to the disillusionment of the lyrics. Karen is a multi-disciplinary artist incorporating video, photographs, sculpture, ceramics and drawing. She always works within the spirit of open-ended speculation.



Bird Word is accidental and intuitive in the making, and part of Laurent’s current weekly video diary project. Seven fluctuating audio and visual layers interact, renewing associations and emotions. Laurent has a design background. He started making videos in 2008 after a series of experiments with the medium and a course in film making at Morley College.



The title of this performance has several meanings based on the word itself and the performance gestures. On the one hand ‘ponencia’ is translated in the dictionary as ‘lecture’, as well as being related to the verb ‘poner’ e.g. ‘poner un huevo’ (to lay an egg). On the other hand, the whole performance is a literal translation of the Argentinian familiar expression ‘poner los huevos sobre la mesa’, which means ‘to have courage or bravery’ to do something. Javier Robledo is an Argentinian video and performance poet and creator of videoBardo videopoetry festival.



Les Lieux De Memoire seeks to reveal the fragmentation of ‘re-collection’. The linear process of reading is disrupted; fragments of words are slowly revealed in a chaotic process creating a tension between the written word and its subject.



Innocent Beat, Martha McCollough, United States
March 2012
Duration: 1:31
Built in AfterEffects CS5, Sound designed in Logic Pro.
‘Innocent Beat is a videopoem derived from my ongoing erasure project, Grey Vacation’.



Our Bodies by Matt Mullins


Something I Remember is a poem by Robert Lax that describes a certain moment outside of time and space during a rainy night. The letters of the poem are divided into numerous layers. These layers become spaces, streets and the falling rain, and in the end… ‘there is nothing particular about it to recall’. Susanne Wiegner studied architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and at Pratt Institute in New York City. She works as an architect and 3D artist in Munich, Germany. In addition to projects in real space, for several years she has been creating 3D computer animations dealing with literature and with virtual space.



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