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VideoPoéticas latin-no americanas / Latin_no American VideoPoetics; Marisol Bellusci presentation 2020

Invited by Sarah Tremlett, on 12th February 2020 Marisol Bellusci from VideoBardo came to the Bristol Poetry Institute  to present her paper and curation: VideoPoéticas latin-no americanas or Latin_no American VideoPoetics. The event was kindly hosted by Dr Rebecca Kosick of the Institute, also founder of the Indisciplinary Poetics Research Cluster, and a Senior Lecturer in Translation, with a particular interest in material poetics, multilingualism, Brazilian art and poetry and translation.

The presentation was fascinating and revealing for all the audience members, particularly younger ones who may have less knowledge about the historical political situation – the military junta – in Argentina in the 1970s and 80s. Marisol spoke about the power of video poetry to reach authentic selves beyond the ‘American’ in Latin; without the external forces that change the identities of those living in countries who happen to bear the name. The presentation was preceded by an introduction by Javier Robledo via Zoom, and here is a bilingual copy of Javier’s presentation and Marisol’s notes

2020 Marisol and Javier Latin_no American VideoPoetics presentation notes.

The curation can be seen here.

I have mentioned before how torture and disappearance forced onto a society scared to speak or move, results in long submerged powerful forms of communication, particularly through poetic metaphor, however many years later.