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AMPLIFIED VOICES at MIX conference 5 JULY 2021

Join us for a curated poetry film screening and Q&A hosted by Professor Lucy English of Bath Spa University with Adrian B. Earle (Think/Write/Fly)and Sarah Tremlett (Liberated Words).

About this event

 Poetry films are short films which blend word, spoken or as text, sound and moving image. In this curation, Adrian B. Earle (Think/Write/Fly) and Sarah Tremlett (Liberated Words) have chosen a selection of films which showcase unusual or different approaches to creation and/or less represented voices. This will be followed by a Q&A.

Place and Time – Adrian B. Earle

Poetry film can explore voices made distant by place and time. How can translations of ancient poetry be relevant to contemporary audiences? How does our perception of time change in different situations such as waiting for a pregnancy test? How can we reclaim marginal language through poetry film and how can poetry film represent new visions of masculinity?

Adrian B. Earle is a Writer, Poet, and Media Maker from Birmingham. He has been mashing together sonics & Syllables for a decade as Thinkwritefly. Managing Director at Audio & Video Poetry Project VerseFirst Productions, & Creative Development Lead at the Poetry in Place App Overhear. A 2019 Hippodrome young Poet, His debut pamphlet 5000HURTS is published by Burning Eye Books, 2019, His Poetry Film boyshapedspace commissioned for the BBC, was selected for multiple festivals internationally & won joint 1st at the Newlyn PZ international Film Festival 2020, His first full collection We are Always & Forever Ending is Published by Broken Sleep Books July 31st.

Voicing the More-Than-Human – Sarah Tremlett

Sarah Tremlett looks at how poetry film-makers express, in different ways, the politically and economically disregarded voices of the more-than-human in our fast disappearing fragile world ecosystems. How can the aesthetics of the ecopoetry film transcend or disrupt the androcentric viewpoint, and raise awareness of such major issues for the planet?

Sarah Tremlett (Poem Film) MPhil, FRSA, SWIP is a British poetry filmmaker, poet and theorist, particularly enquiring into the philosophy of poetry film. She is co-director of Liberated Words Poetry Film events, editor of Liberated Words online, a curator and judge at festivals, and author of leading publication The Poetics of Poetry Film published by Intellect Books and The University of Chicago Press, May, 2021. With a family history poetry film screening in ‘Reconnections’ at LYRA poetry festival 2021, she is the creator of an ongoing family history prose, poetry and poetry film project entitled Tree. Her family history poem on mediaeval mining ‘Firewash’ is part of Earth Lines geopoetry and geopoetics collection (Edinburgh Geological Society, Autumn, 2021).

This event is part of MIX 2021: Amplified Publishing. Developed by Bath Spa University, MIX is a four-day virtual conference that explores the intersection of writing and technology, bringing together people to make, think and talk. You can buy a ticket for the conference here. If you have already purchased a ticket for the conference you don’t need to buy an additional ticket for this event.



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