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Poetry Films and Makers

LYRICAL VISION VI – a jewel of a New Zealand summer screening

LYRICAL VISIONS VI (Friday, January 26th) promises to be one of those ‘jewel’ events that glint tantalizingly across the water:  both creatively excellent with a finely honed curation, but also a really memorable and enjoyable  evening out with a mixture of films and live events. One example is poet and musician Ron Riddell performing a […]

Frame to Frames: Your Eyes Follow finalists for FOTOGENIA 2023

A Word from the Director – Sarah Tremlett I am really pleased to announce the finalists of Frame to Frames: Your Eyes Follow ekphrastic poetry film prize for 2023. I am very proud to say that the screening will be part of the exciting programme at FOTOGENIA 2023, Mexico City, November 22nd to December 2nd. […]

Presenting in MIX: STORYTELLING IN IMMERSIVE MEDIA, The British Library

MIX conference is back, and this time at The British Library in London, on the 7th of July. Co-hosted this year by Bath Spa University and The British Library, the programme centres on leading practitioners in AR, VR, game design, interactivity, etc. It also includes  established poetry filmmakers such Jane Glennie discussing digital reimaging and […]

Podcast on Poetry Film with Sophie Kazan

REALLY THRILLED to be invited to take part in an interview for a Spotify podcast by SOPHIE KAZAN (art historian and great podcaster) about POETRY FILM. A really interesting set of questions xx thank you so much Sophie xx Already I am getting great feedback from listeners. Really rewarding. Thank you SOPHIE. And check out […]

IAN GIBBINS – four films from a prizewinning ecopoetry filmmaker

 if you ask any poetry filmmaker or video poet about Australian Ian Gibbins they will immediately know his work, and often know him. He has become a leading light in the field in the last five years and his work is often crafted with great skill, time and patience, and often set against the ecological clock […]

2023 – My Head is the Earth –Time, Poetry and the Poetry Film – Csilla Toldy

I would like to begin 2023 thinking about how poets share their responses to our ecological world situation, the planet and poetry and consequent approach to time and place. In Axis Mundi  (commissioned by the Centre for Creative Practices), Hungarian writer and poetry filmmaker Csilla Toldy, (based in Northern Ireland), has brought together voices from […]