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JIM ANDREWS: Sea of Po – animisms and a ‘different sort of poetry & magazine’

How to introduce legendary Canadian Jim Andrews – a leading figure in the world of visual poetics / interactive literature / kinetic text and founder of Vispo https://vispo.com.  On eliterature.org the Vancouver-based polymath is described as ‘attempting to create writing that is a synthesis of various arts and media: words, code, sound, images and interactivity’. […]

Photostory ‘A Painting of a House’ for Liberated Words by Charles Olsen

As part of the Word and Image section of the website I am very interested in photo stories or photo essays. I was over the moon when Charles submitted the following to me, and I think it provides a perfect blueprint for such writing, also crossing over into the terrain of travel writing, as in […]

Motherland: a San Francisco State of Mind – Sarah Tremlett visits the city and Lyon Street by Marc Zegans

Motherland – a San Francisco State of Mind : Lyon Street by Marc Zegans (shadowed by Herman Berlandt)  a roving reader’s report by Sarah Tremlett A year ago this month saw the publication of American poet Marc Zegan’s milestone work – Lyon Street – an elegy to a city, and memories of times past, still […]

The Metaphysical World Where I Live – Lois P. Jones in-depth interview (winning film Frame to Frames I)

An important update to this year’s edition of Frame to Frames: Your Eyes Follow ekphrastic poetry film screening and competition has been the inclusion of a memorable poem on Ana Segovia’s festival painting by leading American poets Lois P. Jones and Elena K. Byrne (known for her extensive ekphrastic collection If This Makes You Nervous. […]

Narratives of Climate Crisis – The British Library and MIX, Janet Lees, Csilla Toldy and Sarah Tremlett

[Notes by Sarah Tremlett on climate crisis and the aesthetics of climate change, including participant presentations from Csilla Toldy and Janet Lees (unable to attend), at MIX conference, The British Library, July 7th, 2023. Also featuring an in-depth conversation with climate activist, poet and extractive scientist John Bolland adding some vital context to the discussion. […]

Open your Gaze: a review of Festival Fotogenia 2022 and interview with festival director Christian O. Pacheco Cámara, by Janet Lees

I decided to attend the fourth annual edition of Festival Fotogenia in Mexico City in late 2022 partly because I was lucky enough to have three films in the programme, but mainly because this festival is so broad and diverse in scope, encompassing poetry film, video art, experimental cinema and avant-garde films. I’m interested in […]