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Essays and Projects

Photostory ‘A Painting of a House’ for Liberated Words by Charles Olsen

As part of the Word and Image section of the website I am very interested in photo stories or photo essays. I was over the moon when Charles submitted the following to me, and I think it provides a perfect blueprint for such writing, also crossing over into the terrain of travel writing, as in […]

JÁ–FEST – theatre and poetry film – a revealing insider’s view from Janet Lees

I am so pleased and proud to showcase this very special insiders account of Lisbon-based JÁ–FEST – a theatre-based festival including poetry films. This is a rich and comprehensive report,  with links to events and interviews by invited judge and workshop leader Janet Lees –  recognized for her contribution to poetry film. Although the festival […]

Poetry Film Festival of Thuringia – 19/20 – and bumper bilingual magazine

This week the International Poetry Film Festival of Thuringia 2023 (see poetryfilmtage.de) will take place in Weimar on May 19th and 20th. There will also be a chance to see the festival online through the Media Library from May 19th– 31st. Dance is the theme for this year with some vibrant new works on show, […]

Frame to Frames: Your Eyes Follow – a new poetry film initiative

For some time I have been thinking about introducing a new initiative for poetry filmmakers. Following The Poetics of Poetry Film publication, I would like to introduce the Sarah Tremlett Poetry Film Award, which celebrates and revisions art through ekphrastic poetry + film. This will be a wholly inclusive, internationally eligible award, funded by a […]

In-depth Interview with ST by Genia Daniels of Artlitlab and the Midwest Video Poetry Festival

Very big thanks to Genia Daniels – Director of the Midwest Video Poetry Festival for her in-depth interview on my work, for the ALL Review section https://artlitlab.org/all-review of the online arts magazine https://artlitlab.org. It covers questions on video poetic practice, background and Selfie with Marilyn (with poem by Heidi Seaborn from the prizewinning collection). Good […]

Selfie with Marilyn in ZEBRA, Berlin and FOTOGENIA, Mexico City – representation – who makes the image?

Poet Heidi Seaborn, Dr Meriel Lland and Sarah Tremlett on identity; Hatti Rees’ Personas at The Stedelijk Museum, Breda, and Sarah’s New Romantic incarnations. Plus an update from Tom Konyves on Selfie and Heidi’s wonderful news winning the Pank Book Prize for Poetry 2020 with An Insomniac’s Slumber Party with Marilyn Monroe. Very, very pleased […]