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Essays and Projects

Premiere of Tree at The Scottish Centre for Geopoetics June 2019

Really looking forward to The Scottish Centre for Geopoetics Conference June 14-16th at Wiston Lodge in Biggar, Scotland. Beautiful wooded location, much music, poetry (come and see Helen Moore), and deep connection with the landscape. I will be premiering an excerpt ‘Paper River’ from my ancestral poetry film novel project Tree, created from 25 years […]

Exploring Contemplative Effects in Text-based Video Poems

Extracted from the forthcoming The Poetics of Poetry Film, Intellect Books and published online.

Chance Operations, an essay on Bath Spa Fluxus prints at MIX 2012 -Sarah Tremlett

A conference is born with mysterious ancestors / sourcing the origins of the ‘Fluxus’ prints.

Tom Konyves – “Todos esos momentos”

All Those Moments – a videopoem by Dier