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Earth Lines: Geopoetry and Geopoetics Zoom book launch and films – 1 October 2021, 6–7.30 pm

Launched on Zoom as part of the Scottish Geology Festival, I am really delighted to introduce this exciting, innovative and valuable publication Earth Lines, with a central focus on geopoetry and geopoetics (they are different), or ‘the stratigraphy of poetry in rocks and stones’. As one of the editors (primarily a copy editing /proofreading role) and […]

9th Athens Video Poetry Festival (online)

https://filmpoetry.org/9th-international-video-poetry-festival/ The ninth Athens International Video Poetry Festival is online this year opening on Sunday 6th of June, and then permanently accessible online. This is a major resource for everyone and anyone and I am very pleased that my interview with Dr Meriel Lland on The Poetics of Poetry Film is available in the Lectures and […]


The Poetics of Poetry Film The Poetics of Poetry Film https://www.intellectbooks.com/the-poetics-of-poetry-film published by Intellect Books (May 2021), is described by the publishers as: ‘The first book of its kind, it classifies the different types of poetry film, shedding light on the fast-growing genre and citing works from poetry filmmakers worldwide. A ground-breaking industry bible for anyone […]


Spoken Word in the UK published by Routledge, is a comprehensive and in-depth introduction to spoken word performance in the UK – its origins and development, its performers and audiences, and the vast array of different styles and characteristics that make it unique. Drawing together a wide range of authors including scholars, critics, and practitioners, each chapter […]

Autumn Update

The Book of Hours, a mammoth 48-strong poetry film collaboration between Lucy English and a talented collection of international poetry filmmakers, is being printing as we speak.


Liberated Words Poetry Films 2014/15
The Little Theatre Cinema
St Michaels Place, Bath
5th March 2015