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Premiere of Tree at The Scottish Centre for Geopoetics June 2019

Really looking forward to The Scottish Centre for Geopoetics Conference June 14-16th at Wiston Lodge in Biggar, Scotland. Beautiful wooded location, much music, poetry (come and see Helen Moore), and deep connection with the landscape.

I will be premiering an excerpt ‘Paper River’ from my ancestral poetry film novel project Tree, created from 25 years of research. Tree focuses on the land and uncovering my family’s occupations across time. Paper River centres on events at my great grandfather’s paper mill on the River Culm in Devon during the First World War, alongside the site in the present day. It includes a poetry film; a read extract of documented facts and prose poetry.

This year’s event is titled: Expressing the Earth in the Year of Indigenous Languages and the
the inspiring programme is here: http://www.geopoetics.org.uk/geopoetics-conference-2019/  https://www.facebook.com/ScottishGeopoetics/  and see posts by Norrie at https://www.facebook.com/norman.bissell.writer.