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The Power of Language – Roxana Vilk interviewed by Rebecca Hilton

‘The Power of Language’: Interview with Roxana Vilk, for Liberated Words

Interviewer: Rebecca Hilton, June 2020

We are very excited and pleased to showcase Liberated Words’ first podcast interview, ‘The Power of Language’ (a quotation from Roxana Vilk), which delves into the exhilarating world of British/Iranian artist, Roxana Vilk. Roxana’s multidisciplinary art practice explores migration and identity; spanning across the Middle East and the UK.

Our interviewer, Rebecca Hilton, also shares Iranian heritage. This prompted a deeper conversation into Roxana’s childhood memories of her life in Iran, celebrating ancestry and the importance of song and storytelling as the inspiration behind her practice.

Roxana’s work is offering a platform to voices, that we would otherwise never hear from. Check out the links below, to discover more about her current theatre project, Lullabies, her music within Vilk Collective, and her work within TV, film and poetry films.

Podcast Interview:


‘The Power of Language’ is also available as a transcription, see: http://liberatedwords.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Transcription-Roxana-Vilk-Interview-for-Liberated-Words-by-Rebecca-Hilton-2020.pdf


Links to Roxana Vilk’s work

Main website:





Current Project, Lullabies, with Trinity, Bristol:



Iranian song, Mara beboos, cited in interview:



About the interviewer

Rebecca Hilton is a young British artist and arts journalist. She graduated from Central Saint Martins, achieving a First-Class BA Honours in Fine Art. She is based in Bristol and recently exhibited her live event, Seven Films, at Fringe Arts Bath 2020.

Artist Website: