Updates on Interviews and Quotes on The Poetics of Poetry Film

The Poetics of Poetry Film
Intellect Books, UK, June, 2021

‘A ground-breaking, encyclopedic work and industry Bible, comprising nearly 400 pages, with multiple contributors … it explores the history and different types of poetry film, a must for students, researchers, poets, filmmakers, across the fields of media, filmmaking, literary and cultural studies, art and philosophy and sheds light on the fast-growing genre …’

​also available through The University of Chicago Press, USA



interview with Dr Meriel Lland on the publication of the book
also at the 10th International Video Poetry Festival, Athens, 6 June, 2021

Dr Rebecca Kosick, Bristol Poetry Institute and in collaboration with the Indisciplinary Poetics Research Cluster), online broadcast 21 April, 2021 at BPI YouTube.

Christian Pacheco-Cámara, director of Fotogenia, online broadcast 25 November, 2021 on The Poetics of Poetry Film and Voice in poetry film. This will be available at Fotogenia Festival site as well from January 2022

Here you can see the full programme and also check out the online films, and also on Facebook live https://www.facebook.com/FestivalFotogenia/.

Javier Robledo, director of VideoBardo, on poetry film and video poetry in general, as part of celebrating 25 Years of VideoBardo Festival. The rich and varied live event was 25-28 November at the CENTRO CULTURAL SAN MARTÍN.

The online interview was on 29th November, 2021, and is available at the YouTube channel

Also the fascinating video documentary by Charles Olsen of selected interviews with Spanish and Portuguese video poets from the book at


Since its publication The Poetics of Poetry Film has had a wonderful reception. It was launched in April with a wonderful interview between myself and Dr Rebecca Kosick, (poet, senior lecturer in translation at Bristol University) through the indisciplinary research cluster and Bristol Poetry Institute.  It is now in numerous university libraries, being sold by many academic bookshops such as Blackwells alongside Intellect Books itself,  and has become mandatory reading at universities/art colleges in the UK, Europe and South America.I am so very honoured that this book, which was over five years in the writing, is now taking on a life of its own around the world. Thank you.



with great generosity Sarah Tremlett makes available indispensable material for understanding this genre, thank you. JAVIER ROBLEDO, DIRECTOR OF VIDEOBARDO, the longest running video poetry festival in the world.

Sarah, I’ve been reading your book – I just wanted to say a huge and heartfelt thank you. It’s a breathtakingly comprehensive and important work. I knew that it would be a hugely informative, insightful and useful guide, but what I wasn’t quite prepared for was how inspiring it would be too. I am finding it genuinely electrifying – it’s sparking off all manner of ideas. It is an absolute gift for anyone working in poetry film. THANK YOU! With love and respect, JANET LEES

A huge piece of work and very ambitious, I am recommending your book to the new MA students, selecting passages for particular notice on research/practice/methodology. PROFESSOR SUZIE HANNA, Norwich University of the Arts

Inspired and meticulous scholarship.  You have such a wide-ranging engagement with both poetry and image-making; I couldn’t imagine a more appropriate sensibility to bring the project to life. DR MERIEL LLAND

 It really immediately strikes me as comprehensive and interesting and very well written, ALASTAIR COOK

It looks good and you made sure to have a lot of entry points into the subject, MARC NEYS

 It looks great! And it’s really heavy! (I mean in a physical, weighty, sense though looking at the table of contents I’m sure it’s heavy in an intellectual sense as well!).  What a tremendous accomplishment for you! Congratulations on that! MATT MULLINS Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of English, Ball State University

Very excited and proud to have collaborated and contributed to Sarah’s detailed and exhaustive research! As a videographer and writer, I am very happy to now have its many great references in my library – Fantastic! !!! BRAVA Sarah! VALERIE LEBLANC

Thank you for your wonderful hard work … very pressing, urgent and useful in academic research and beautiful for people working with poetry film in the last few years. I’m working on a PhD in film studies and your book will be very useful and recommended by me in this area. I’m very glad to be part of it. ALEXANDRE BRAGA

 I loved reading this book. The Poetics of Poetry Film is an amazing resource for scholars and everyone interested in contemporary poetry. DR REBECCA KOSICK
Senior Lecturer in Translation and co-director of the Bristol Poetry Institute in the School of Modern Languages, University of Bristol.

I am thrilled and proud that I am a part of it. I really like the way it’s done, the layout, the pictures, the font. It is very, very well designed and it is such a pleasure to leaf through it. I’m looking forward to reading the texts one by one, but I am already convinced that the book is a very important contribution in the field of poetry film. Congratulations! It is so rare that good specialist literature is also well designed and I can imagine how much work is behind it.SUSANNE WEIGNER

A huge accomplishment. I cannot emphasize enough – I am very impressed and applaud you for writing such an encyclopedic book. I know so many people that are still writing and writing and ten years later … still writing. 🙂  BEATA POZNIAK

In anticipation
I’ll look forward to reading it when it arrives. I’m really interested to see the bibliography too. I’m finding the literature quite patchy and sporadic so far, so I’m intrigued to see how you’ve managed to pull together content in a polished form – no mean feat! …

And on arrival
Congratulations on the publication! I downloaded it to my kindle this week. It’s a fascinating read, and a real trove of treasures. REBECCA GOLDSMITH, PhD Researcher in Poetry Film, Keele University

I love it. It’s quite a wonderful read and a major accomplishment in this area, DAVE RICHARDSON

 I’ve enjoyed watching poetry film activities from afar and have seen just how busy you have been with different poetry film related projects.  I tuned into the Houston talk and I’ve followed the progress of the book – an advance order went into our library as soon as I saw the release date.I’m really excited to read it and I felt like I understood much more what Poetry Film is, could be, and where it came from after your talk, so I can’t wait to learn more from the book. DR STEVE FOSSEY, Senior Lecturer and Fine Art Leader, The University of Lincoln.

I am so thrilled and a little overwhelmed to be included in Sarah Tremlett’s book ‘The Poetics of Poetry Film’. I’m alongside so many of the ‘names’ of the genre that I need to do a double take each time I take a peep. Jane Glennie



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