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I Cannot be Human

Words and Performance: Sarah Tremlett

Rabbit: Duchess

Camera: Hatti Rees

Editing: Sarah Tremlett

Portrait of Sarah Tremlett: Hatti Rees

Music: esistnichtsoernst and imaginaryband, freesound.org Charles Olsen – http://charlesolsen.es;

2021 and 2022

Rest in Peace beautiful Duchess




I Cannot be Human is about the human / animal relationship on both a personal and planetary level. It takes a stand against a human race that, through its leaders doesn’t appear to be listening or solving the ecological crisis that overwhelms us every day. It is also an elegy for a close connection to a pet who has died. With a charged metamorphosis, the protagonist fights to leave her human identity and enter a different world, where we can interrelate with our ecosystems, and resurrect the memory of those who have passed on. [I made a shortened version of this for Charles Olsen’s ‘La Exposición’ (The Exhibition) poetry film in the summer of 2021, with the poem added in June 2022]. Shared on the Deep Adaptation Forum with many thanks to talented ecopoet Janet Lees. The Deep Adaptation Forum builds communities to help face the devastation of the climate crisis. Planting forests in the UK is fantastic, as long as it isn’t too late. All oil companies and chemical companies accelerating global warming and wildlife extinction since the 1970s should already be a thing of the past. Follow Just Stop Oil and let’s act for change NOW. What are oil company profits in terms of a dying planet???? Ecological profit is the only way forward.