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FOTOGENIA, Mexico City, is back!

For a full week this year, Fotogenia festival (who I partner with at Liberated Words) and directed by leading curator Dr Chris Patch, is running from November 23rd to December 1st. At https://www.fotogeniafilmfestival.org/en it is now in its fourth edition and is packed with a broad and eclectic selection of international works and includes live events alongside an online programme. I am one of the judges of the poetry film section and the entries were very difficult to judge, although one or two were highly innovative and a real delight to watch. My poetry film Villanelle for Elizabeth not Ophelia is also in the festival programme 6 alongside artists such as Jane Glennie, Deborah Kelly and Tova Beck-Friedman in a section primarily related to women’s issues, and I am looking forward to being involved next week from an online point of view. 

I think I should let the festival speak for itself:

See you there!