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The Metaphysical World Where I Live – Lois P. Jones in-depth interview (winning film Frame to Frames I)

An important update to this year’s edition of Frame to Frames: Your Eyes Follow ekphrastic poetry film screening and competition has been the inclusion of a memorable poem on Ana Segovia’s festival painting by leading American poets Lois P. Jones and Elena K. Byrne (known for her extensive ekphrastic collection If This Makes You Nervous. To enter the competition please see previous post for entry details.

Since winning the first edition of Frame to Frames: Your Eyes Follow with Australian filmmaker Jutta Pryor (based on Leonardo da Vinci’s La Scapigliata) Lois has taken time to answer a series of interview questions, and the fascinating results are attached in part one of a two-part INTERVIEW.

As I work on my own poetry in relation to my family history project TREE, I find that there are certain voices who I admire and return to, and Lois is one of those. A truly outstanding poet who not only truly collapses place and time, but travels to visit historic locations to further her connection with the past.