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Photostory ‘A Painting of a House’ for Liberated Words by Charles Olsen

As part of the Word and Image section of the website I am very interested in photo stories or photo essays. I was over the moon when Charles submitted the following to me, and I think it provides a perfect blueprint for such writing, also crossing over into the terrain of travel writing, as in […]

Motherland: a San Francisco State of Mind – Sarah Tremlett visits the city and Lyon Street by Marc Zegans

Motherland – a San Francisco State of Mind : Lyon Street by Marc Zegans (shadowed by Herman Berlandt)  a roving reader’s report by Sarah Tremlett A year ago this month saw the publication of American poet Marc Zegan’s milestone work – Lyon Street – an elegy to a city, and memories of times past, still […]

JÁ–FEST – theatre and poetry film – a revealing insider’s view from Janet Lees

I am so pleased and proud to showcase this very special insiders account of Lisbon-based JÁ–FEST – a theatre-based festival including poetry films. This is a rich and comprehensive report,  with links to events and interviews by invited judge and workshop leader Janet Lees –  recognized for her contribution to poetry film. Although the festival […]

The Metaphysical World Where I Live – Lois P. Jones in-depth interview (winning film Frame to Frames I)

An important update to this year’s edition of Frame to Frames: Your Eyes Follow ekphrastic poetry film screening and competition has been the inclusion of a memorable poem on Ana Segovia’s festival painting by leading American poets Lois P. Jones and Elena K. Byrne (known for her extensive ekphrastic collection If This Makes You Nervous. […]

Marc Zegans: Dada, Cage and Burroughs – a review of Borrowed Words – cut-up poetry by Peter Wortsman

About 15 years ago now I was deeply immersed in concrete and visual poetry, dipping in and out of the Futurists, Surrealists and Dadaists and the joy of cut-ups (découpé in French). Periodically this concept enters the poetry film world as in the now famous and leading work by American Dave Richardson – Love’s River […]

Podcast on Poetry Film with Sophie Kazan

REALLY THRILLED to be invited to take part in an interview for a Spotify podcast by SOPHIE KAZAN (art historian and great podcaster) about POETRY FILM. A really interesting set of questions xx thank you so much Sophie xx Already I am getting great feedback from listeners. Really rewarding. Thank you SOPHIE. And check out […]