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Essays and Projects

VideoBardo Presentation Overview

Here are the bilingual (English and Spanish) details of the presentation on 12 October at Bristol Poetry Institute organized by Sarah Tremlett of Liberated Words and Rebecca Kosick. I believe this was an important event, not only in videopoetry and its dissemination, but in the links between Argentina and the UK (post-Brexit!).  Marisol and I […]


Sad to see ZEBRA over, and many thanks to Thomas Zandegiacomo and the team for all their hard work. We were given a multitude of richly varied (German and British) poetry films: classic examples of the craft in Tim Webb’s 15th February (poet Peter Reading) and Adele Myers’ and Ra Page’s Racing Time (poet Chris […]


This vitally important essay (from 2011) is long overdue on the website. It gives an in-depth account by pioneer Canadian videopoet (to use his own term) – Tom Konyves – of his rationale behind creating a manifesto for the subject. I first met Tom at the Bury Festival of Text in 2009 when he was […]

Contemplative Effects in Text-based Poetry Films and Videopoems

Exploring Contemplative Effects in Text-based Videopoems and Poetry Films Sarah Tremlett May 2017 (updated March 2019) extracted from the The Poetics of Poetry Film, Intellect Books
and online at: Moving Poems www.movingpoems.com (June, 2017), Atticus Review https://atticusreview.org (July-Aug, 2017), Poetryfilmkanal http://www.poetryfilm.de (Aug, 2017) and PoetryFilmLive www.poetryfilmlive.com. In relation to poetry film and videopoetry my work particularly […]

MIX 2019: Experiential Storytelling – poetry film meets profiling and the panoptic gaze

MIX 2019: Experiential Storytelling – Poetry Film meets Profiling and the Panoptic Gaze

Paper River, Knotted River at MIX 2019

Looking forward to presenting a reading and poetry film Paper River, Knotted River at MIX 2019 next Tuesday and hearing the great poetry film panel speakers – especially keynote Thomas Zandegiacomo del Bel. It will also be screened in the selected British films throughout the event. Tree – Discovering Identity Through the Geopoetics of Ancestral […]