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Liberated Words screenings by date


Yes, it has been ten years since the first Liberated Words curation at MIX conference, Bath Spa University. A big thank you to everyone who sent in poetry films and videopoems, and those who were screened, who were: Tamsin Taylor (UK), Les Lieux de Memoire, Marco de Mutiis (IT), An Rest, Topp and Dubio, I am Yuri Gagarin, […]

AMPLIFIED VOICES at MIX conference 5 JULY 2021

Join us for a curated poetry film screening and Q&A hosted by Professor Lucy English of Bath Spa University with Adrian B. Earle (Think/Write/Fly)and Sarah Tremlett (Liberated Words). About this event  Poetry films are short films which blend word, spoken or as text, sound and moving image. In this curation, Adrian B. Earle (Think/Write/Fly) and […]

Uprooted 2018–20 touring screening

Uprooted is a curation by Sarah Tremlett on poetry films created on migration and the refugee crisis. It had a small tour of the South West, where the inaugural screening was at North Cornwall Book Festival in October, 2018, followed by Bath Spa University Empathy conference in November and Lyra Poetry Festival, Bristol, April, 2019. […]

RECONNECTIONS at LYRA Poetry Festival, Bristol, 17 April 2021

Lucy English and I curated poetry films for LYRA under the theme of Reconnections, in relation to how we had been affected by Lockdown and the themes that had arisen. Lucy’s themes were related to Bristol and South West poets and filmmakers concerning loss, anxiety, belonging, and how we have survived through these times. I […]

Poetry Films for the Environment / Biosphere at LYRA Bristol, 14 march 2020

Lucy English and I are pleased to have curated a selection of Poetry Films for the Environment for LYRA 2020, March 14 in Bristol, where the theme is part of the festival this year. international screening Mary McDonald, Penn Kemp; Ian Gibbins; Helen Dewbery, Suzannah Evans; Helen Moore, Howard Vause; Jutta Pryor, Lucy English; Janet […]

Marc Neys’ Workshop Liberated Words III 2014

Good to share the results of Marc Neys’ workshop at Liberated Words III as part of Bristol Poetry Festival in 2014. The theme that year was Reflections and Memory to commemorate the anniversary of the First World War. We were thrilled to be able to include Marc, who came all the way from Belgium to […]