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Rebecca Hilton – The New Generation of Poetry Filmmakers, June 2019

The New Generation of Poetry Filmmakers, June 2019, by Sarah Tremlett Rebecca Hilton – Suspended Up Up Up Until You Breathe Poet, fine artist and filmmaker Rebecca Hilton has recently graduated from Central Saint Martins, London, and for me, is already a leading light in the new generation of videopoets and poetry filmmakers. Her poetry […]

Dave Richardson – Unchartered Terrain: The Personal Within

Since beginning as a poetry film festival curator in 2012, and having the dubious task of dividing films neatly into themes, there has been a recurring thought gathering in my mind. What about the poetry films and video poems that are so deeply personal, so profound, that they seem to transcend all categorisation? The videopoem, […]

My Eyes Like Rays

Notes from the National Poetry Competition Filmpoem screening and poetry reading at The Poetry Society, London on October 13th 2017.

Poetics and Poetry Network Symposium 2017

Process and Metaphor.
Sarah Tremlett at The Poetics and Poetry Network of North West Universities Symposium January 2017

Exploring Contemplative Effects in Text-based Video Poems

Extracted from the forthcoming The Poetics of Poetry Film, Intellect Books and published online.

Notes from TARP, Vilnius, 2015

Sarah Tremlett and Lucy English visited TARP international poetry-film festival to discuss their work and the future of Liberated Words.