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Essays and Projects

JIM ANDREWS: Sea of Po – animisms and a ‘different sort of poetry & magazine’

How to introduce legendary Canadian Jim Andrews – a leading figure in the world of visual poetics / interactive literature / kinetic text and founder of Vispo https://vispo.com.  On eliterature.org the Vancouver-based polymath is described as ‘attempting to create writing that is a synthesis of various arts and media: words, code, sound, images and interactivity’. […]

Photostory ‘A Painting of a House’ for Liberated Words by Charles Olsen

As part of the Word and Image section of the website I am very interested in photo stories or photo essays. I was over the moon when Charles submitted the following to me, and I think it provides a perfect blueprint for such writing, also crossing over into the terrain of travel writing, as in […]

JÁ–FEST – theatre and poetry film – a revealing insider’s view from Janet Lees

I am so pleased and proud to showcase this very special insiders account of Lisbon-based JÁ–FEST – a theatre-based festival including poetry films. This is a rich and comprehensive report,  with links to events and interviews by invited judge and workshop leader Janet Lees –  recognized for her contribution to poetry film. Although the festival […]

Poetry Film Festival of Thuringia – 19/20 – and bumper bilingual magazine

This week the International Poetry Film Festival of Thuringia 2023 (see poetryfilmtage.de) will take place in Weimar on May 19th and 20th. There will also be a chance to see the festival online through the Media Library from May 19th– 31st. Dance is the theme for this year with some vibrant new works on show, […]

Frame to Frames: Your Eyes Follow – a new poetry film initiative

For some time I have been thinking about introducing a new initiative for poetry filmmakers. Following The Poetics of Poetry Film publication, I would like to introduce the Sarah Tremlett Poetry Film Award, which celebrates and revisions art through ekphrastic poetry + film. This will be a wholly inclusive, internationally eligible award, funded by a […]

In-depth Interview with ST by Genia Daniels of Artlitlab and the Midwest Video Poetry Festival

Very big thanks to Genia Daniels – Director of the Midwest Video Poetry Festival for her in-depth interview on my work, for the ALL Review section https://artlitlab.org/all-review of the online arts magazine https://artlitlab.org. It covers questions on video poetic practice, background and Selfie with Marilyn (with poem by Heidi Seaborn from the prizewinning collection). Good […]