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VideoBardo – 25 Year celebrations : interviews on TPOPF with Sarah Tremlett and Charles Olsen

VIDEOBARDO www.videobardo.com in Buenos Aires is celebrating its 25th anniversary! Live from the 25–28 November at the CENTRO CULTURAL SAN MARTÍN – SALA 1  (Sarmiento y Paraná ) 5–11 pm, it is now online at the Video Bardo YouTube channel. I was honoured to be interviewed by festival director Javier Robledo who asked some really interesting questions  interview with Javier  and this is followed by the interview by Charles Olsen with Spanish and Portuguese video poets from the book. These have had a fantastic number of hits to date, as have other videos on the site, so thank you everyone.

There were numerous screenings and invited curations to see, and I wish I could have been there myself. I went in 2012 and gave a talk, so I know how special the festival can be. If you take a look at their website you can travel back to the beginning of this century! and see the extraordinary work they have been across all forms of poetry. They are truly an innovative festival.

SO excited to be part of it.

Spanning 25 years this festival was a truly a legendary event, with a multitude of different approaches to poetry and film/video.

There will be programs  of Videopoetry, Poetic Video Perfomance, Poetic Animation,  Poetic Sound, VideoDance, Video Art and Poetic Medium-length Films that bring together137 videos by artists from around the world. In addition, there will be a video interview with Javier Robledo on the book The Poetics of Poetry Film with Sarah Tremlett, director of the Liberated Words Festival in the United Kingdom, and a separate presentation by Charles Olsen with Spanish and Portuguese videopoets who were featured in his chapter in the book.

Instants Video Video Art Festival of France, Magmart Video Art Festival of Italy, Waley Gallery Art Galey from Taiwan, ÁREA Association of Audiovisual Experimental Filmmakers, the presentation of the Decolonial Constellations Series in Art-Action # 2 of the space Peras de Olmo –Ars Continua, and as a guest Tom Konyves, a reference in Videopoetry, from Canada will present Hopscotch, the analysis of a videopoem.