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Dave Richardson – Unchartered Terrain: The Personal Within

Since beginning as a poetry film festival curator in 2012, and having the dubious task of dividing films neatly into themes, there has been a recurring thought gathering in my mind. What about the poetry films and video poems that are so deeply personal, so profound, that they seem to transcend all categorisation? The videopoem, […]

Common Side Effects by Udo Prinsen

Dear Alison by Helen Mort

From the anthology No Map Could Show Them (Chatto & Windus, 2016) poet Helen Mort has focused on women who have had a particular relevance to her and across history.

The Longest Kiss by Gerhard Rühm and Hubert Sielecki

Since the 1950s poet and composer Gerhard Rühm has been working across sound poetry, spoken word, the visual image and music composition, with a particular interest in interrogating the borders between forms. In more recent years he has collaborated with fellow Austrian experimental filmmaker (and performer) Hubert Sielecki.

Birdfall by Adele Myers

The filmmaker Adele Myers has become recognised in the poetry film world for her spare, sublime and evocative films. She is also something of an exception in the field as her films are always honed and crafted in line with the more traditional big budget productions.

O kas?/ Who?

Sarah visits Lithuania under the banner of Liberated Words and poetry film. To review the contemporary situation through the poetic temperature of Lithuanian poets and filmmakers at TARP poetry film festival.