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Selfie with Marilyn WINS FIRST PRIZE at Maldito Video Poetry Festival, Albacete, Spain

Totally blown away – Selfie with Marilyn has won First Prize at Maldito festival, Spain! Congratulations to the wonderful poet Heidi Seaborn, and to the shining lights Hatti (Marilyn) and Georgie (stills) Rees xxx Marilyn is over the moon!!! She purrs ‘Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely […]

Elizabeth Bishop and the Art of Losing / John D. Scott and the Art of Winning

It is a joy to read, listen to, and watch poets and be transported by poetry films but when a poetry filmmaker takes up the challenge of working in documentary form on one of the leading poets of our times, this is clearly cause for celebration. The premiere of Elizabeth Bishop and the Art of […]

In-depth Interview with ST by Genia Daniels of Artlitlab and the Midwest Video Poetry Festival

Very big thanks to Genia Daniels – Director of the Midwest Video Poetry Festival for her in-depth interview on my work, for the ALL Review section https://artlitlab.org/all-review of the online arts magazine https://artlitlab.org. It covers questions on video poetic practice, background and Selfie with Marilyn (with poem by Heidi Seaborn from the prizewinning collection). Good […]

Selfie with Marilyn in ZEBRA, Berlin and FOTOGENIA, Mexico City – representation – who makes the image?

Poet Heidi Seaborn, Dr Meriel Lland and Sarah Tremlett on identity; Hatti Rees’ Personas at The Stedelijk Museum, Breda, and Sarah’s New Romantic incarnations. Plus an update from Tom Konyves on Selfie and Heidi’s wonderful news winning the Pank Book Prize for Poetry 2020 with An Insomniac’s Slumber Party with Marilyn Monroe. Very, very pleased […]

The Power of Language – Roxana Vilk interviewed by Rebecca Hilton

‘The Power of Language’: Interview with Roxana Vilk, for Liberated Words Interviewer: Rebecca Hilton, June 2020 We are very excited and pleased to showcase Liberated Words’ first podcast interview, ‘The Power of Language’ (a quotation from Roxana Vilk), which delves into the exhilarating world of British/Iranian artist, Roxana Vilk. Roxana’s multidisciplinary art practice explores migration and […]

Rebecca Hilton – The New Generation of Poetry Filmmakers, June 2019

The New Generation of Poetry Filmmakers, June 2019, by Sarah Tremlett Rebecca Hilton – Suspended Up Up Up Until You Breathe Poet, fine artist and filmmaker Rebecca Hilton has recently graduated from Central Saint Martins, London, and for me, is already a leading light in the new generation of videopoets and poetry filmmakers. Her poetry […]