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Liberated Words screenings by date

Liberated Words at MIX 2012

This screening took place at the first MIX conference. We just celebrated a ten-year anniversary on the 17th July 2022. LIBERATED WORDS at MIX 2012    

Liberated Words I at MIX conference Bath Spa University 2012

Liberated Words has its first screening on the 17th of July at The Pound Arts Centre in Corsham, the small English town where Corsham Court is one of the grandest sites that hosts Bath Spa University.¬† The LIBERATED WORDS at MIX 2012 programme¬†and SCREENING shows an eclectic group of people. The conference was memorable, and […]

Utopia/Dystopia || Dance and Freedom 2016

Utopia/Dystopia: commemorating the 500th anniversary of Thomas Moore’s ‘Utopia’.
Dance and Freedom: an international screening of selected dance-based poetry films.


Liberated Words Poetry Films 2014/15
The Little Theatre Cinema
St Michaels Place, Bath
5th March 2015

Liberated Words III Poetry Film Festival

Liberated Words III Poetry Film Festival.
Bristol Poetry Festival 13th & 20th September & Encounters Short Film Festival 19th September 2014

Liberated Words III 2014 – call for entries

Liberated Words III 2014 – call for entries.