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2nd Newlyn Film Festival

Spring is not far off and Newlyn Film Festival 2019 (5th-7th April) is beckoning for its second year. I am very pleased to say that Lucy and I have been invited to judge the poetry film strand again – and we are looking out for your inspiring entries.

Dave Richardson – Unchartered Terrain: The Personal Within

Since beginning as a poetry film festival curator in 2012, and having the dubious task of dividing films neatly into themes, there has been a recurring thought gathering in my mind. What about the poetry films and video poems that are so deeply personal, so profound, that they seem to transcend all categorisation? The videopoem, […]

Engaging Empathy Through Creativity Conference

A big thank you from myself and Lucy English to the very thought-provoking conference organisers: Professor Maggie Gee, Dr Kylie Fitzpatrick and Dr Tanvir Bush and everyone else who made the day so worthwhile.

Athens Video Poetry Festival December 2018

Congratulations to everyone exhibiting;  Lucy has a number of films in the festival which includes my film (and poetry) Solstice Sol Invictus and I also have Night Bus, so I wish I could be there but it isn’t possible this year :(( Have a really good time everyone who can manage to get there. Thinking […]

Valerie LeBlanc and Daniel Dugas New Book on Videopoetry

  Valerie LeBlanc and Daniel H. Dugas have been creating videopoems since the mid and later 1980’s. Their individual and collaborative works are comprised of stand-alone works, i.e. for one-channel screening; as well as multi-channel selections intended for gallery installation. This videopoetry collection will feature still images and texts from 120 works as well as […]

Autumn Update

The Book of Hours, a mammoth 48-strong poetry film collaboration between Lucy English and a talented collection of international poetry filmmakers, is being printing as we speak.