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i swallow and LYRICAL VISIONS – New Zealand

Very pleased to say the Dadaist poetry film i swallow with poem by Bristol City Poet Caleb Parkin and surreal music by the American band The Anchorites, will be screened as part of Lyrical Visions festival on the 9th of December.  This will be one of those rare occasions at the moment – a LIVE screening – because the event takes place in Titirangi, a suburb of Auckland, New Zealand. It sounds a fantastic and very special event to be part of – see their description below and Lyrical Visions V Programme for the programme. Martin has mentioned that he will also provide links to the films (where they are also freely available online) on the website.

Lyrical Visions is an annual celebration of poetry film, animation and music. It’s the brainchild of film makers Martin Sercombe and Robin Kewell. Robin screens the very best of ‘art house’ cinema from Lopdell House in the bush clad Auckland suburb of Titirangi. Martin moved to Titirangi from Norwich, UK in 2014 and teaches film and animation at AUT Auckland and in community settings.

The idea was to bring together Martin and Robin’s work with other local film makers, poets and students, in a format that includes some of the best international cinematic poetry. Each show combines live performances with video projections and single screen works. The fifth year’s programme will include a band of local musicians improvising live to projected films.

The events are sponsored by local businesses and SAE Institute, the school of audio, music and screen production based in Auckland.

Martin has a very interesting background as an experimental British filmmaker combining structuralist approaches with lyrical and rhythmic influences, especially music. See Martin Sercombe overview

For more information about the festival and Martin’s film work, please visit https://martinsercombe.com/lyrical-visions-2/

For more about the cinema screenings, see: