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Open your Gaze: a review of Festival Fotogenia 2022 and interview with festival director Christian O. Pacheco Cámara, by Janet Lees

I decided to attend the fourth annual edition of Festival Fotogenia in Mexico City in late 2022 partly because I was lucky enough to have three films in the programme, but mainly because this festival is so broad and diverse in scope, encompassing poetry film, video art, experimental cinema and avant-garde films. I’m interested in […]

REELpoetry 2023 – Translation, Deaf and Hard of Hearing films, Ecopoetry film, Voice, Activism, Fragmentation

REELpoetry 2023 is upcoming at the end of the month – February 25th and 26th – (and generously on demand from February 27th to March 17th) with a wide selection of poets and filmmakers and strongly inclusive of the deaf and hard of hearing. I first presented at REELpoetry just before Lockdown in 2020, with […]

IAN GIBBINS – four films from a prizewinning ecopoetry filmmaker

 if you ask any poetry filmmaker or video poet about Australian Ian Gibbins they will immediately know his work, and often know him. He has become a leading light in the field in the last five years and his work is often crafted with great skill, time and patience, and often set against the ecological clock […]

AMERICA – Ginsberg reframed … ‘an identity falling apart’ an interview with Matt Mullins by Pamela Falkenberg and Jack Cochran

  American poet, videopoet, writer and educator Matt Mullins has been edging towards this memorable poem and poetry film – america – (i wanted to make you something beautiful but I failed) – for some time now. The deep rift between the USA’s founding democratic ideals, and its more historically recent downward slide into a […]

2023 – My Head is the Earth –Time, Poetry and the Poetry Film – Csilla Toldy

I would like to begin 2023 thinking about how poets share their responses to our ecological world situation, the planet and poetry and consequent approach to time and place. In Axis Mundi  (commissioned by the Centre for Creative Practices), Hungarian writer and poetry filmmaker Csilla Toldy, (based in Northern Ireland), has brought together voices from […]

Poets with a Video Camera: Videopoetry 1980–2020 – some overviews

  Sadly Poets with a Video Camera exhibition curated by Tom Konyves at Surrey Art Gallery, Vancouver ended on December 11th.  The symposium almost didn’t happen, since a storm cut out the electricity the night before, but due to the quick-thinking and resourcefulness of the curators the whole event was moved from its original gallery […]