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Yes, it has been ten years since the first Liberated Words curation at MIX conference, Bath Spa University. A big thank you to everyone who sent in poetry films and videopoems, and those who were screened, who were: Tamsin Taylor (UK), Les Lieux de Memoire, Marco de Mutiis (IT), An Rest, Topp and Dubio, I am Yuri Gagarin, […]

Philip Hartigan & childhood memories in Family History project

I recently posted about Philip Hartigan in the anniversary of the first Liberated Words screening 10 years ago this month.  I have now added him to our family history collection, with notes on his process. Here is a link to his moving memoir of his childhood with extraordinarily detailed animation.          

The Poetics of Poetry Film a spotlit title by Intellect at the Screen Studies conference, University of Glasgow

Really proud that Intellect selected The Poetics of Poetry Film as one of their spotlit titles at the Screen Studies virtual conference 1st-3rd July. Apparently the first-year sales have gone really well, so thank you to everyone who has contributed or spent their hard-earned money on purchasing a copy. So very special to see it […]


People frequently ask about mentoring for poetry films. Sarah Tremlett is currently working on a project and has mentored in the past for both academics and beginner filmmakers and is happy to do so. There is a small charge for this, depending on how much is required and for how long. We can also recommend […]

Absurd Art House film festival, Blue Town, Sheerness, Isle of Sheppey, 9 July

Really very proud that my poetry film and poem Villanelle for Elizabeth not Ophelia is a finalist in the Absurd Art House film festival this year. Villanelle centres on suicidal relationships, and how Elizabeth Siddall a Pre-Raphaelite poet, model and wife of dominating poet Dante Gabriel Rossetti finds life mirrors art or art mirrors life as a […]

Arts in Society conference, San Jorge University, Zaragoza, Spain 4–6 July, 2022

Very pleased to be taking part in this conference entitled History/Histories : From the Limits of Representation to the Boundaries of Narrative. I am presenting on The Poetics of Poetry Film and also touching on my thinking on new narrative and dialogic frameworks in relation to subjectivity, voice and the poetry film. It is running […]