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Wishbones and Gunfire screened at 2014 festival

Wishbones & Gunfire  the spark – when you know you are on to something
Here is a spare, jewel of a documentary film which quietly reveals insights into the creative process – including the filmmaker’s!
Rich Ferguson (50% of our best sound/music judging team) features as part of We Voice Sing in Ben Staley‘s perceptive, award-winning film uncovering how a poetry film with music is made. Entitled Wishbones & Gunfire, we follow WVS as they make their first studio album last year in Los Angeles. It brings us as close as you can get with a lens into the thought processes of everyone involved but particularly guitarist Bo Blount, alongside producer Andrew Bush and their trusting instincts. This film has won Best Documentary at the 2014 SoCal Creative & Innovative Film Festival in Pasadena.
Repeated listening to We Voice Sing means it just gets better and better; a blend of voice, strong beat and poetical rhythms – like walking through the soul of a survivor in a hard-to-live-in-city. I maintain Rich is a latter-day Walt Whitman – . wevoicesing.com