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2016 Dance and Teenagers with Autism Liberated Words workshops

In 2016 two major workshop projects were screened. The first was FREEDOM a collaboration between Bath Dance College and Creative Writing and Media Students from Somervale School, Midsomer Norton. Devised by Sarah Tremlett, with poet Helen Moore and Howard Vause advising, media tutor Al Hannan was central to the outcome. Secondly, BUTTERFLIES HAVEN project, with teenagers with autism, provided another wholly new and exciting experience. Helen and Howard ran this project superbly and Trisha Williams, director of the group, was very happy with the three films that were made. Also Bath and North East Somerset Council included the films in a reception, celebrating Butterflies Haven, and the parents and carers were really complimentary and very pleased with the revealing results. The films allowed the group to express themselves about subjects that they couldn’t discuss in any other way.