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Autumn Update


The Book of Hours –the mammoth 48-strong poetry film collaboration between Lucy English and a talented collection of international poetry filmmakers, is now printing as we speak.  Published by Somerset-based performance poetry publishers Burning Eye Books, copies may be available for North Cornwall Book Festival!!! in early October.

As you might imagine Lucy has had a number of her collaborations accepted in poetry film festivals worldwide. I collaborated with Lucy on three films for her book: Summer Solstice, which I have just finished, Solstice Sol Invictus which I am really proud to say was selected for Zebra this year! – where I wrote the first verse (read by Helmie Stil) and Lucy the second – and Mr Sky (about a couple’s relationship) which also has lovely news from Sou at Rabbit Heart ‘It is with great pleasure that I write to inform you that your film, Mr. Sky, was chosen as a finalist in the Best Valentine category, and so is also in the running for the grand jury prize for Best Overall Production!’




From my point of view these films were also experiments with natural (sun) light through form and colour, but also aiming to show how the sun is an often forgotten but powerful force in our lives. I know Lucy and I are just really pleased to have had a chance to get them out there around the world – finding their feet.

UPROOTED project at North Cornwall Book Festival 4-7 October

Developed as part of our Home from Home ongoing workshop initiative, Lucy and I will be giving a talk and screening centred on different artistic interpretations of civil unrest and refugee or migrant status through poetry film.  It will be screened as a collection in three sections with Lucy reading from The Book of Hours inbetween – with films centred on life in a war zone, those ‘in transition’ and  when ‘settling’ in a new country, trying to build a new life. We have films from artists such as: Ghayath Almadhoun and Marie Silkeberg, Jan Baeke, Alfred Marseille, Maciej Piatek and poet Hollie McNish, as well as our own work.

Our aim to is show how artists can bring another view of the refugee crisis beyond how it is portrayed in the media, hopefully expanding understanding and also showing how the role of the artist can be developed as a tool for an empathetic approach.

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