Very excited and honoured to be part of the British section at ZEBRA poetry film festival www.haus-fuer-poesie.org in Berlin this year (5–8 December), with co-director of Liberated Words, Lucy English, and Helen Dewbery and Chaucer Cameron of Poetry Film Live. We are each choosing our own selection of recent UK poetry films to showcase in the State of the Art section, with introductory presentations. Adele Myers, Helen, Chaucer and I are also part of the Colloquium on Poetry Film – The Eye of the Poem, discussing workshops, and how students make poetry films.

Lucy English, alongside Simon Barraclough, Ifor ap Glyn, and Roseanne Watt will be reading / reciting / standing up in the very enticing Stiff Upper Verse section on Saturday night hosted by Lucy Jones.  Other British attendees are noted artists/poetry filmmakers Roxana Vilk, Alastair Cook and Tim Webb (who won the very first ZEBRA) and new and talented artist Rebecca Hilton (as featured at Liberated Words this summer).  All this and a rich selection of German films to digest – in a very multinational gathering, with no doubt some familiar faces. ZEBRA is something like the atomic clock of the poetry film world – we all keep time by it.


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