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Visible Poetry Project 2020

All the films are online now at The Visible Poetry Project  www.visiblepoetryproject.com @VisiblePoetryProject.  You can view a poem a day for April – National Poetry Month USA – from the New York-based organisation. I have really enjoyed the variety, especially during lockdown, and it is good to look back over previous years, too. If you are a selected filmmaker you can pick one of their chosen poems to develop. I was chosen for April 25th and I was lucky to be able to choose evocative, bittersweet poem ‘Selfie with Marilyn’ by US poet Heidi Seaborn www.heidiseabornpoet.com @HeidiSeaborn. Her writing encapsulates Marilyn’s imaginary thoughts / loss of innocence perfectly to me. Equally, I feel Hatti Rees www.hattirees.com @Hatti_Rees completely inhabits the roles of Marilyn and Norma Jeane. Many thanks VPP, Heidi and Hatti (and Georgi for the stills) for the opportunity. More details will be available here soon – Sarah 🙂