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Solstice Sol Invictus selected for Versopolis, Festival of Hope and At the Fringe festival, Sweden, 27 June-4 July

Very pleased to hear that Solstice Sol Invictus – with first four verses and direction by myself, and final 4 verses by Lucy English (and additional voice by Helmi Stil), has been selected for At the Fringe, a very interesting festival in Tranås, Sweden. This poetry film (a pair to Summer Solstice), has been popular at festivals, and centres on the rising of the sun from winter solstice to summer and back again. It is a poem about faith and hope; perhaps beliefs we are all calling on more in these difficult times. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the festival will be held online, I am told, so I am looking forward to catching it later this month.  Hoping to make the real event next year!

Solstice was also selected in April for the FESTIVAL OF HOPE organized by the Berlin-based organization Haus für Poesie in cooperation with Versopolis Review, mining social and political questions https://www.versopolis.com  with online events t/out the year.

‘Versopolis, a platform of 30 European international poetry festivals, and the Versopolis Review, a platform that publishes self-reflexive opinions of a range of authors on urgent social, political, ecological and cultural questions concerning Europe, aim to create a unique transnational opportunity, where hope can be reflected about, steered, demonstrated, poeticised, questioned and addressed. This opportunity will emerge as the„FESTIVAL OF HOPE“, subtitled as The Versopolis Global Virtual Poetry Festival. The festival will take place online and simultaneously with numerous international partners and contributors, all coming together at the Versopolis Review website and other Versopolis channels, such as social media.’