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LYRA POETRY FESTIVAL 2021: Two Poetry Film Events – Reconnections screening online and The Poetics of Poetry Film interview

Lyra Festival (14-25 April, Bristol) is back again this year in an online version with a wonderfully rich programme of events (tickets available from the website). LYRA is committed to showcasing diverse forms of poetry, and the poetry film screening has been an integral part of Lyra since it first started in 2019. This year the festival is thinking positive in relation to current world COVID-related events, with the theme of ‘Reconnection’ and Liberated Words are proud to present an online screening RECONNECTIONS 17 April 12 a.m.–1.20 p.m. Poetry films will be shown that have been curated by Sarah Tremlett and Lucy English on the theme of reconnection to landscape, the body, our history, family and heritage during and before the Pandemic. Lucy and Sarah will discuss their curations and there will be an online Q and A open to everyone afterwards. Artists featured include: Kat Lyons, Edalia Day, Rebecca Tantony, Alice Humphreys, Liv Torc, Yvonne Reddick, Helmie Stil, Helen Johnson, Sarah Tremlett, Sarah Wimbush, Isobel Turner, Edson Burton, Michael Jenkins, Pierluigi Muscolino and Francesco Garbo.  Tickets available through the festival brochure at www.lyrafest.com.

                 credit: Lievito Madre, directed by Francesco Garbo and Pierluigi Muscolino, 2020.

The Poetics of Poetry Film

There is a further poetry film event in the festival. On WEDNESDAY 21ST APRIL from 18.00–19.00 Rebecca Kosick from the Bristol Poetry Institute will be in conversation with Sarah Tremlett about Sarah’s forthcoming book The Poetics of Poetry Film: Film Poetry, Videopoetry, Lyric Voice, Reflection. Commissioned by Intellect Books, The Poetics of Poetry Film is the first book of its kind. With encyclopaedic content, it explores the history, different types of poetry film, and sheds light on the fast-growing genre.

Bristol Poetry Institute, University of Bristol presents

In Conversation with Sarah Tremlett: The Poetics of Poetry Film

Date: Wednesday 21 April 2021
Price: Free
Time: 6:00 – 7:00pm

The Bristol Poetry Institute and Indisciplinary Poetics Research Cluster will host this conversation with Sarah Tremlett (co-director of Liberated Words) and Rebecca Kosick (co-director of the Bristol Poetry Institute). The duo will discuss Tremlett’s forthcoming book, The Poetics of Poetry Film: Film Poetry, Videopoetry, Lyric Voice, Reflection. This event is free and open to all. For more information and to reserve your ticket, visit our Eventbrite page.

Tickets and registering are also available through www.lyrafest.com  in the other events section.

‘A ground-breaking, encyclopedic work,comprising nearly 400 pages, with multiple contributors … it explores the history and different types of poetry film, a must for students, researchers, poets, filmmakers, across the fields of media, filmmaking, literary and cultural studies, art and philosophy and sheds light on the fast-growing genre…’

Enjoy all the events!!!