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FIREWASH in ZEBRA – 25-28, 11, the Urania, Berlin

The mighty ZEBRA is now in its 12th edition, and is coming up at the end of the month from the 25th to the 28th at the new location of the Urania, Berlin. I am really pleased to say my geopoetic film Firewash about a mediaeval mining ancestor has been selected. It includes both my film and poem from the Earth Lines collection by Edinburgh Geological Society. The film is also from my poetry and poetry film family history project TREE. Please take a look at the website https://www.edinburghgeolsoc.org/earth-lines/ where you can see a collection of audiovisual works and poetry films adapted from poems in the book, or by authors in the book. It is a fascinating collection.

Firewash will be included in the section entitled PRISM: GAZING NATURE on the Friday evening.

There is a festival taster at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1RU_dmHd3k

Attending ZEBRA is a bit like visiting the Vatican in terms of poetry film festivals. There is a focus on France this year, the international competition and then of course screenings such as ZEBRINO competition; Prism: Ways of Relating; Gazing Nature, Dealing with Poetry etc.; a Poetry Lounge; Readings; a colloquium and many other events. Really, a very memorable festival to attend, and it will be interesting to see the new location.