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The Poetics of Poetry Film in FOTOGENIA – in conversation with Dr Christian Patch, 25, 11, 8pm GMT

Really LOOKING FORWARD to FOTOGENIA festival this year which runs from the 24th–27th November. There are 11 truly diverse and exceptional screenings. My film with Caleb Parkin’s visceral ecopoem I swallow will be in the first section, alongside I want to Breathe Sweet Air by Pamela Falkenberg and Jack Cochran with poem by Lucy English. I notice the third presentation Diafono is an hour-long film by Mexican Eric Ramos, so that would be very interesting to see. Each presentation includes interviews with the directors afterwards. I think this is a great format for a festival.

I happen to know something about the films this year, as I was invited to be one of THE JUDGES of the final films in line for first prize. I can only say each year, in all the festivals I am stunned by the consistently high standards and extraordinary uses of storytelling, the structural innovations in terms of the screen as canvas, the imaginations running wild and yet with such depth of control. It was a real joy to watch these films and I can’t wait to find out the winner!

But for me, personally, I am very excited to be INTERVIEWED LIVE by festival director Dr Christian Patch (Christian O. Pacheco-Cámara) about TPOPF and VOICE in poetry film, on Thursday at 2 pm Mexico time or 8 pm UK time. This promises to be a really fruitful conversation about the making of the book, and voice, with selected films, so please come and enjoy.

If you are an audiovisual maker interested in provoking the cinematographic image through the exploration of the frontiers and limits of film narrative, genre, format, and the nature of film itself, in order to converse with the viewers in innovative and critical ways to ignite a confrontation between reality and cinematic phenomenon, this is your place to exhibit your passion. We receive film poetry, avant-garde films, video art & experimental cinema.

https://www.fotogeniafilmfestival.org/ Here you can see the full programme and also check out the online films, and also on Facebook live https://www.facebook.com/FestivalFotogenia/