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Sarah Tremlett invited to VideoBardo symposium ‘For the Earth’, Buenos Aires, 2012

The first time I encountered VideoBardo festival was when one of my films Mistaken Identity was shown by them in 2008. This was a conceptual, minimal videopoem – visual text on screen – and they were always a festival that encouraged experimentation. In 2012 I was very honoured to be invited by festival director Javier Robledo to give a talk; and one of my films She / Seasons /Contemplating Nature (2012) was included in the festival (see below).

My paper was entitled ‘The Word as a Leaf’ which I will be adding to the site in due course. It was part of my research into transitional text on screen: the way text can have new poetic or prosodic rhythms in the digital image. I was looking at the remediation of the traditional turning of the line and metronomic patterns as they appear as the prosody of the page poem. I was also looking at how a word can take on almost organic qualities.

The symposium was extraordinary in its scale. There were a number of sites, both from the grand and traditional, to the contemporary art museum to a converted factory, as well as openings and exhibitions to attend. We were continually socialising and experiencing not only all types of poetry as well as a historic city. 

I took away a strong sense of the work that Javier Robledo of VideoBardo put in to creating such a festival and I wanted to find a way to collaborate with him and show his curations at Liberated Words in the UK. I have included below the extensive programme details of the festival, as well as the papers given by the invited speakers including myself, and an important address by Javier on the ‘verboaudiovisual’, actually from 2014. Some of these are in Spanish. Please contact VideoBardo for further details about that festival.


SCHEDULE – from November 27 to December 2, 2012 (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

All activities are free and open to the public

Tuesday November 27th
5:30 p.m. Poetic installation and reading
In Pza. Francia (in front of Palais de Glace, CABA)
6:00 p.m. Inaugural event
In Palais de Glace (Posadas, 1795 – CABA) – Sala Kino Palais

Wednesday November 28th
10 am – 1 pm I International Videopoetry Symposium:
“Dialogues between image, sound and verbal language”

At CCEBA Florida Headquarters (Florida, 943 – CABA)
Videopoems – Short Films / Poetry and Performance
In Malba (Av. Figueroa Alcorta, 3415 – CABA) – Auditorium Room
p.m. Videopoems – Medium-length films
At the National Library (Agüero, 2502 – CABA) – JL Borges Room

Thursday November 29th
10 am – 1 pm I International Videopoetry Symposium:
“Dialogues between image, sound and verbal language”

At CCEBA Florida Headquarters (Florida, 943 – CABA)
VideoverboInstalaciones – Collective exhibition – Inauguration
At CCEBA Florida Headquarters (Florida, 943 – CABA)
8:00 p.m. “Agua-Luz” by Hernán García Lanza
At Fundación Hampatu (Florida, 835, 3rd floor – CABA)

Friday November 30th
10 a.m. – 6 p.m. I International Videopoetry Symposium:
“Dialogues between image, sound and verbal language”

At the National Library (Agüero, 2502 – CABA) – Augusto R. Cortázar Room
6 p.m. Videopoems for the Land
In National Library (Agüero, 2502 – CABA) – JL Borges Room

Saturday December 1st
2:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Workshop “Language and performativity: verbal language in performance”
At Microcine IMPA (Querandíes, 4290, 4th floor – CABA)
6:00 p.m. Videopoetry Unplugged (with candlelight)
At Microcine IMPA (Querandíes, 4290, 4th floor – CABA)

Sunday December 2nd
5:00 p.m. Closing event at
Club Pejerrey de Quilmes (Av. Cervantes and Iriarte, Costanera de Quilmes, Buenos Aires)

The presentations, some in English, others in Spanish, included a really perfect array of leaders in the field, (to which I was included!)

1.- Antonio Alvarado (España): “La poesía como medio de video” – pág. 2
2.- Lis Costa (España): “Poesía cinética en Cataluña” – pág. 6
3.- Ana Pascal (Argentina): “En torno al I Simposio Internacional de Videopoesía: Espacio
de reflexión y creación de mundos” – pág. 19
4.- Gerard Wozek y Mary Russell (USA): “Poetry Video: Notes on Teaching, Creating and
Presenting in the Genre” – pág. 23
5.- Isabel Giménez Caro y Francis J. Rodríguez Muñoz (España): “Palabra e imagen: los
grafopoemas de Lola López-Cózar” – pág. 33
6.- George Aguilar (USA): “The Growth and Evolution of the Cin(E-)Poetry/Videopoetry
Movement through Technology: A Personal Retrospective and Outlook” – pág. 43
7.- Tom Konyves (Canadá): “Por La Tierra, Por La Videopoesia“ – pág. 53
8.- Sarah Tremlett (UK): “Videopoetry and Rhythm – The Word as a Leaf?“



Click this link for the address by Javier Robledo and the presentations can be found here.