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VideoBardo at Liberated Words II festival, 3 October, 2013



After being invited  to present a paper and screening at VideoBardo ‘For the Earth’ festival in 2012, Sarah Tremlett wanted to create an opening for Argentinian and Latin American video poetry in the UK. She invited Javier Robledo to contribute a curation for Liberated Words II festival at the Arnolfini, Bristol on October 3rd, National Poetry Day. This was a one-day festival and attached are both the programme for the entire festival as well as the VideoBardo section with Javier’s introduction to video poetry and notes on the artists and their works – Javier presentation about VideoBardo and 2013 screening at Liberated Words. The films mainly in Spanish were very revealing, and we were honoured to screen them as a wonderful contribution to the whole event.

Latin American and Spanish artists shown were:

Oscar Salamanca (Spain) “Doctor Revolución” (2012)

Jorge Daffunchio (Argentina) “OK, John, Paul, lo hice…” (2010)

Ignacio Mendía (Argentina) “Parásito Polilla Corzaón” (2012)

Antonio Alvarado (Spain) “Mujer de materia gris” (2012)

Fundación Hölderlin (Argentina) “Las aventuras de Gatucho” (2012)

Rafael Álvarez Domenech (Cuba) “Aselvizaje” (2011)

Lucas Turturro (Argentina) “Cubicaja o del encierro” (2010)

Javier Robledo (Argentina) “Samsara” (2010)

Alejandro Fontana (Argentina) “Catorce de noviembre” (2012)

Bartolomé Ferrando (Spain) “Sintaxis” (2005)

Films that were screened but are now unavailable for inclusion

Dier (Spain) “Todos esos momentos se perderán” (2011)

Yael Rosenblut (Chile) “Escena pasional del arte” (2007)

Eduardo Romaguera (Spain) “Pez” (2009)

Tarha Erena (Spain) “Sueño Tierra” (2012)

Lola López-Cózar (Spain) “Principios” (2012)

The screening can be seen here


The Programme for the Liberated Words festival II can be downloaded at

Liberated Words Programme 2013