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Frame to Frames: Your Eyes Follow at FOTOGENIA 23 call for ekphrastic poetry films

Frame to Frames at Mexico City! Following on from the  in-depth overview of FOTOGENIA festival, Mexico City, 2022 by Janet Lees with director Dr Chris Patch aka Christian Pacheco-Cámara I am really pleased to announce that ‘Frame to Frames: Your Eyes Follow’ will be screened as part of FOTOGENIA festival in 2023. Submissions are requested for poetry films under 10 minutes but ideally around 5 minutes based on paintings or other works of art. DEADLINE: 10 September 2023. All submission to myself at sftremlett@gmail.com. Works that are subtitled in Spanish will be looked favourably upon.  More soon!

See THIS LINK for more about the festival and Spanish and English entry forms.