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FilmArte Festival MADRID Saturday 6 May – Charles Olsen’s The Exhibition

‘The FilmArte Festival returns to Madrid for an evening filled with some of the best films about art(ist)s in our Spring 2023 edition! In addition to watching the films at the amazing Artistic Metropol, you’ll also get to ask your questions to the film teams participating in our Q&A!’

Very proud to say that The Exhibition by Charles Olsen is included in the screening. He commissioned myself (Sarah Tremlett) alongside a group of highly talented artists  to make short responses to his playfully ‘irreverent’ docu-journo-video essay on the art world. My work for him was about my rabbit Duchess and the importance of the environment to me (even in my small backyard) over the importance (or lifelessness) of the museum. It reflected on the way art cannot achieve the same beauty as nature itself. When Duchess died, the silent film I gave to Charles eventually became its own short poetry film – I Cannot be Human – where I added text that attempted to share my grief at the dying planet and Duchess’ death. As an autistic artist I also feel very close to animals and birds and the vital role they play in my happiness.

FilmArte Festival – Madrid
6 May at 20:00h
cinema Artistic Metropol
Calle de las Cigarreras, 6, 28005 Madrid
(Metro: Embajadores)

See event details in FilmArte Facebook and the program below.


In the Land of Brightness by Cristina Hortigüela Diez
Spain 2022

Feature Documentary

The documentary, filmed over the last two years, shows the creative process and execution of several projects developed by world renowned artist Daniel Canogar. The film includes the production of smaller pieces, such as “Fulgurations” and “Latencies”, as well as other public artworks, including “Oculus”, “Dynamo” and “Storming Times Square”, among others. Structured around an intimate interview with Daniel Canogar, the artist examines his career with perspective, from the turning point of participating as a guest artist at Expo Dubai 2020 with the artwork “Dynamo”.

Mary Magdalene by Ramon Sanmartin Solé
Spain 2022
Short Documentary
Barcelona photographer José Mercado decides to reinterpret Leonardo Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” through photography, turning it into a protest against religion and patriarchy.


The Exhibition by Charles Olsen
Spain 2021

Short Experimental
‘An irreverent take on the art world. A poetic hybrid combining essay, documentary, journalism, and video art.’ A collaborative poetry film taking as its starting point a poem by filmmaker and poet Charles Olsen presented as a news report in front of the Reina Sofía Museum, Madrid, and including specially created pieces by Eduardo Yagüe and Sarah Tremlett, alongside interviews with artist and philosopher Ignacio Gómez de Liaño, professor of art aesthetics and theory Ilia Galán, videos from Instagram artists Jan Erichsen and Ángel Rivas, artwork by the Olive brothers, movement in a museum by Mia Gill, and the Argentinian actor Ignacio Kowalski. The idea of play and a child’s approach to art runs through this piece.

Double Act by Lotte Thomas
Spain 2022
Short Experimental
Behind the scenes of a circus, a clown puts on her makeup in a dressing room, waiting for her turn on stage. When the clown leaves the dressing room to step out in front of the audience, her reflection stays behind. ‘Double Act’ sheds light on the internal and external sides of a personality: we are all performers, presenting a curated, polished fragment of our real selves while the rest remains in the shadows.

Kaschmir by Tom Blankenberg
Germany 2021
Music Video
Kaschmir is a music video… a performance clip, almost a dance choreography… with a mechanical musician only.

Black Hole by Romain Claris
France 2022
Short Experimental
“Black hole” is a short film written and directed by Romain Claris made for “On the rocks” the Nicolas Claris & Romain Claris photography and video exhibition.

Elements of a Journey: Antoni Tàpies by James Scott
USA 2023
Feature Documentary
Elements of a Journey: Antoni Tàpies is an experimental documentary focusing on the legacy of Antoni Tàpies, the 20th-century Catalan painter and sculptor. The film, which follows the artist as he grows up during the Franco dictatorship, is strongly relevant to the divisive politics of today. Its goal is to engage viewers through together, Tapies’ story and his art. It explores how artists navigate complex journeys; spiritual, political, and that of the everyday. Tàpies stood out in his lifetime, not only as a major painter, but also as the voice of freedom and hope for an generation at the time of a dark and painful era in Spain. This film began principal photography in 1974, and was put on hold, due to lack of funding. The original negatives were stored at the National Film Archive in London. Now, almost 50 years later, with the support of the Fundació Antoni Tàpies and the Elephant Trust, the film has been finally completed to become a part of the centenary celebrations of the birth of Tàpies in 2023.