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CUERPO TRANSPARENTE / TRANSPARENT BODY Buenos Aires online screening 23 June


I was sent details today (Midsummer’s Day, 21 June) by my good friend Sol Bellusci (you may know through VideoBardo) about an event that has really taken off in Argentina and its second event is now happening live and online.

Here are the details, and please take time out to watch and immerse yourself in this ‘projected body’ intervention / experience.

With much enthusiasm we announce the second edition of CUERPO TRANSPARENTE. We want to invite you to participate in the collective experience formed by 22 works of video dance, video art, animation and experimental video, which will be built in real time on June 23rd at 5 PM (Bs. As) at the Faculty of Arts Criticism, National University of Arts, Buenos Aires City.

It will also be transmitted simultaneously through the following youtube channel,


we invite you to subscribe here! Admission for both modalities is free.

Then there will be a discussion coordinated by Susana Temperley, specialist in Criticism and Dissemination of the Arts and Analysis of Choreographic Production with the members of the Curatorial team + guest Argentine Artists Muriel Sago, Maria Papi y Nilda Rosemberg.

TRANSPARENT BODY is a performative video intervention that reflects on the real / virtual / diverse post-pandemic body.
Mandatory social distancing moved the body to new digital spaces, enabling and restricting various forms of socialization. What are the possible effects of the presence/absence of the body?

What role did the interfaces, media and technologies play in the representations of the corporeal?

The collective experience CUERPO TRANSPARENTE will be built in real time from videodance, videoperformance, experimental cinema and videoart works by 22 artists selected in an international open call. The work will be activated by a performer and projected using the videomapping technique, followed by a discussion coordinated by Susana Temperley.

CUERPO TRANSPARENTE has the support of Prodanza “Impulso Cultural” Scholarship (2022); National Theater Institute; Study and Experimentation Group on Audiovisual and Digital Curatorship IIEAC; Research and Production Program of Culture, Art and Gender of the Dept. of Visual Arts UNA; Association of Experimental Audiovisual Producers AREA; The ParaVirtual Virtual Cultural Center.

Curatorial Team: Samara Pascual Migale, Marina Julieta Amestoy, Marisol Bellusci // Criticism : Marina Julieta Amestoy // Performance and Audiovisual Design : Marisol Bellusci // RRSS y Gráfic Design : Zina Stepanczuk // Direction and Production: Marisol Bellusci

Artists and work

Stuart Pound, Boogie Stomp Pink (UK) // Luis Carlos Rodríguez, Collage 26 (España) // Muriel Sagi Autorretrato (Argentina) // VestAndPage Amor and psyche (Alemania/Italia) // Erika Kassnel – Henneberg Conditio Humana I (Alemania) // Tina Willgren, Mute (Suiza)// Dança sem fronteiras, Cidade – Reflexões Poéticas (Brasil) // Natasha Cantwell, Leave your body (Nueva Zelanda / Australia) // Pierre St-Jacques, A short study of Envelopes (Canada) // Eden Mitsenmacher, How long has it been (Países Bajos) // Anderson Matthew, Everybody Dies (USA) // Teodora Ezhovska – Hristina Trajkoska, Body of water body of land (Macedonia del Norte) // María Papi, Piel Digital (Argentina) // Sveta Maximova and Vlada Zasedateleva, Lighting Tropes (Russia) // Yolanda Y. Liou, Illusión (Taiwan / UK) // Colectivo Dinamikas, Pará(r)lisis (Perú) // Jafri Faiyaz, Are You OK? (USA) // Maria Korporal, The First After-Corona Kiss (Alemania) // Conversación como conjuro, Gualicho (Argentina) // Carla Novak, Cabeza de Balde II (Chile) // Shon Kim,Bookanima Dance (Sur Corea)


 We are waiting for you!

Thank you for being part of it,

Marisol Bellusci, Samara Pascual Migale y Marina Julieta Amestoy