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Heralding the first Aotearoa Poetry Film Festival – New Zealand

The first Aotearoa poetry film festival in Wellington is nearly upon us on the 2nd & 3rd of November. It looks an exciting and innovative event, which is not surprising since I know some of the judges and their own work, but also they say

‘In particular, we encourage the submission of innovative and eclectic takes on poetry film as a distinct media form.’

I only wish I could be there. They describe the two-day festival as featuring:

‘a poetry film competition, workshops, seminars, poetry readings and retrospectives and it will offer the opportunity to showcase the diversity of poetry film produced both in Aotearoa New Zealand and overseas. The 2023 Aotearoa Poetry Film Festival is organised in collaboration with Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington UNESCO City of Film and Lighthouse Cinemas.’

La Vie en Rouze, Elle Kunnos de Voss


The jury for 2023 are:

Charles Olsen

Lilián Pallares

What is also interesting about this event is the New Zealand retrospective which will set a historical stamp on poetry film in the country. Finalists have been selected in the international, student and New Zealand categories, and they are:

APFF 2023 Finalists

International Category

The Distance Between the Staircase and the Sky – Katerina Athanasopoulou 7:0

When it Feels Hot, That Rage Against Me – Helmie Stil 1:50

Draft – Agustín Vallejo 4:00

Shades of Gray – Lyon Pol 2:57

Transparency of the Sole – Diek Grobler 3:50

La Vie En Rouze – Elle Kunnos de Voss 4:10

Student Category

This Was Meant to Be For Nora – Deanne Angelina Emery et al. 2:58

Sorry, Mum – Jono Li 1:40

The Carousel –  Florian Schlotzhauer 3:00

New Zealand Category

How to Fly A Kite – Trixi Rosa 3:02

House Plant – Ellen Jones-Poole 2:28

Ngākau – Komako-Aroha Silver 6:50

Supernova  – Flora Xie 3:59

Waves of Ghosts – Jack Nicol, Andy Day, Dominic Hoey 3:34


The Mask, Martin Sercombe

New Zealand Poetry Film Retrospective

Acknowledgements – Arvid Eriksson 3:30

No Losers @ WINZ – Tourettes 3:38

There is a scratch on the inside of my right knee – Will Cho 3:25

Do Not Go Gentle – Luke McPake 3:28

Edgewalker – Ursula Grace 3:16

Storytelling – Martin Sercombe 9:01

The Mask – Martin Sercombe 4:01

One Sunday – Martin Sercombe 5:49

Urban Landscapes – Charles Olsen 5:11

Llanto Congelado – Charles Olsen 5:11

The Existential Machine – Paul Wolffram 6:07

Inferno – Shu Run Yap 2:14

Butterfly – Alfio Leotta 6:59

The Carousel, Florian Schlotzhauer

Congratulations to all finalists and the organisers for what will be a really special and memorable event.